Starting A Residential Cleaning Service

The Ultimate Guide to Housekeeping

Tackling the chores in a messy and dirty house can be overwhelming. There is so much that needs to be done that sometimes it is just easier to drop onto the couch and binge watch TV. Unfortunately, ignoring the chores won’t make the mess go away.

Setting up a list system of daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally-needed chores will make housekeeping easier. Breaking down the tasks into small steps that can be done in just a few minutes each day will keep the mess under control. Dividing the chores between family members teaches responsibility and makes everyone’s life better. Kids as young as three can begin to help with things like sorting clothes and toys. More good news, doing chores can count as exercise and help burn some calories.

Daily Chores

There are tasks that, if done daily, will keep your home in order and prevent that overwhelming feeling that everything is out of control. Some chores can be done first thing in the morning, some should be done throughout the day as you do other activities, and others can be done at night so that you wake up to an orderly home.


Eliminate Dirty Dishes

Hand wash or load the dishwasher after every meal and snack. There should never be dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink. Be sure to give the sink a good cleaning every day!

Declutter and De-crumb Counters

After any food preparation, put everything away and wipe down countertops and appliances to get rid of crumbs and spills.

Sweep, Mop or Vacuum Floors

The kitchen is always full of activity and the floor shows it. Clean up any messy spills immediately and get rid of crumbs.

Recycle, Compost, and Empty the Trash

Emptying or dealing with garbage each day will help keep away pests and leave a fresher smelling home.


Make the Bed

Fluff the pillows and choose bed linens that are easy for everyone to quickly spread up quickly.

Put Away Clothes

Place soiled clothing in a hamper. Return clean clothes and shoes to the closet or drawers.

Check the Laundry Hamper

Depending on the needs of your household, laundry may need to be done daily. It is much easier to deal with one laundry load per day than seven loads at once.

Return Things to Their Proper Place

If cups or dishes have migrated to the bedroom, return them to the kitchen. Teach kids to put away toys and gather school-items needed for the next day.



Cleaning the house and keeping on top of all the housework can be overwhelming and totally never ending – unless you have a plan! If you want to change how you go about cleaning your home, so YOU are in control rather than your home controlling you – then you’re in the right place


It’s never done completely

I always feel like I’m trying to catch up

I can’t get ahead, or get a system that works for me – I’m just too busy

I get things done as they need doing – it’s exhausting

I never feel OK to have people round because my home is never ready

So we may as well take control back and help ourselves.

And what better way than to create a plan that’s totally based around you and your own homes needs, that works for you with the time you have available. It’s not necessarily about perfect, it’s not about miracle working, it’s about making your home clean enough for you at any given point on any given day – so that you can lead the life you want without feeling stressed out all the time with the jobs you need to do.


Yes, really! Contrary to popular thought, a cleaning schedule doesn’t add hassle and stress to the house – it takes it away. If you never quite know what the next job is, and whether the house is clean enough, then even subconsciously you are looking around for all the jobs that need doing (even when there may be nothing to do).

It’s time to get to grips with the house once and for all.

Creating your own schedule means that you can design it around what works for you – and you then don’t have to think about it, just get what needs doing on what days out of the way and ticked off.


Cleaning Service Business Plan


The wealthy single income families,  and affluent double income families  of Cleanly,Wa are in need are a house cleaning service that is professional, trustworthy, and highly effective


all residential cleaning services in an environmentally sound, completely trustworthy, and professional manner. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place


will be focusing on two upper socio/economic groups. The first is the affluent where only one spouse works. Although the other spouse is at home and has time to clean, he/she chooses not to.

second segment of the market that we are targeting is the two income family. Both spouses work long hours and have no time to clean or do laundry. Further it is essential that we are trustworthy and professional.


The residential house cleaning niche is a subset of the larger cleaning business.. The residential house cleaning market is serviced predominately by independent companies. There are however, a few large franchises. Residential services are divided into a couple of different categories, maid or house cleaners, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, and a variety of other services that are required on a less frequent basis


The Minimalist’s Guide to Simple Housework

It’s a rare person among us who looks forward to cleaning the house. I certainly don’t, but a clean house is something I enjoy perhaps too much. I love a clean, uncluttered house, and I’m not afraid to admit it. So how does a person like me — a clean freak — get the house nice and clean without too much work? I’m sure you know by now that if I can keep things simple, I’m happy.

I constantly experiment with ways to simplify my house-cleaning routine, and what follows are some options I’ve experimented with or am trying out now. Not all methods will appeal to everyone, but I’m hoping that at least a few of the ideas will have some use to you, and perhaps inspire a simpler routine in your life.

Guiding Rule: Simplify, Simplify

Thoreau, of course, had three simplifys in his famous quote, but I’ve simplified that rule even further. 🙂 To keep a house clean with minimal effort, the guiding rule is to simplify as much as possible. The less you have, the less you have to keep clean and put away.

Some examples:

An uncluttered room, with only furniture on the floor, is extremely easy to clean. See below. But if you have all kinds of stuff in the room, you double or triple your cleaning time (or worse).

Fewer clothes means you have fewer things to put away and to wash. Sure,if you have lots of clothes, you can go longer without having to wash, letting the clothes pile up into a huge Fuji-like mountain. But who wants to face that mountain when you run out of clothes to wear?

Fewer things on your kitchen counter means cleaning the counter is a snap – just give it a quick wipe with a washcloth and you’re done. No straightening things out, cleaning in between or under things, putting things away.

Second Rule: Meditate While You Clean

While housework is not looked upon favorably by many people, if done right, it can actually be very relaxing and destressing. The key is to be mindful and present while you clean.


House Cleaning Price List

Part One: What the Service Includes

It is critical that the customer and cleaning service know what to expect from each other. This document provides an example of the services included in many standard house cleaning service packages, as well as add-on services, available for an additional fee. Services will vary from one cleaner to another, but this should give you a general idea of what services to expect.

Customer Perspective: You should receive a comparable list of tasks, either in brochure or contract form, from your cleaning service. It helps you to set expectations and evaluate whether tasks are being performed satisfactorily.

Cleaning Service Perspective: You can easily add or delete services that you are prepared to provide for your customers. Feel free adapt Part One of this document to include in your marketing brochure. You can also use it as a checklist for training employees. How well and how quickly they perform each of these tasks becomes your yardstick for measuring performance.

Part Two: How Pricing Is Determined

This pricing method is based on the standard amount of time it takes to complete various tasks, multiplied by the prevailing wage for maids and house cleaners in a specific area. This section contains a spreadsheet designed to help owners of house cleaning services establish fair competitive pricing, but it also provides insights that many customers will find useful

Simply follow the step-by-step spreadsheet to arrive at your quote:

Click to Access: Click the image above to access the price list.

Minutes Allotted Column: Determine how many minutes it takes to perform each task. It’s a good idea to actually perform each task two or three times to be sure your expectations are realistic. You need to work consistently and with attention to detail. The pace must be one that can be reasonably sustained by your employees. Estimated numbers are included, but feel free to change them as appropriate

Quantity Column: This is the column you will use most frequently to actually generate price quotes. Simply fill in the quantity of each task to be performed – for example, one kitchen, three bedrooms, two additional rooms. An additional room may be a laundry room, exercise room, office, or playroom. If the room requires little attention, you may choose to count it as a half room. If it requires extra attention, like cleaning several pieces of gym equipment or mirrored walls in a home gym, you may choose to count it as a room and a half.

Total Minutes: This column multiplies the minutes per task by the number of tasks and auto-calculates total minutes for you.

Hours: This column automatically translates the number of minutes into hours. The total of the column also tells you how many staff hours you will need to plan for.

Prevailing Rate: This column is particularly important because it tailors pricing to your specific area. It also supports your pricing structure with hard data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS).

Amount per Room: This column auto-calculates for you. It multiplies the prevailing wage, by the estimated hours, by two. The amount at the bottom of the column, rounded up to the nearest five dollars, is the amount you can reasonably expect to charge your customer.

Common Prices

Though pricing depends on a number of factors, there are some ranges to consider for common tasks:

Basic house cleaning services: $25 to $45 per hour

Windows: Interior at four to seven dollars per window and exterior at five to eight dollars

Cleaning refrigerator or oven interior: $25 – $35

Dusting mini blinds: About $20

Polishing wooden surfaces: $30 and up

Baseboard cleaning: $35 and up

Cleaning inside cabinets: $20 -$45, depending on size and number

Changing bed sheets: Around $10 per bed

One load of laundry (wash and dry): About $20

One-time deep cleaning: From $100 for smaller spaces (such as a studio apartment) to $300 or more for a home with several bedrooms

Critical Things You Need To Do Once Your Tenant Move Out Cleaning

Cleaning Checklist for Moving Out of an Apartment

While it’s hard to leave your apartment in the exact condition it was in when you moved in, it’s important to clean up before you move out and on to your next place. Often times, if the apartment is not clean, it can affect how much of your security deposit you get at the end of the lease. Ensure that you’ve properly cleaned your apartment by creating a checklist that outlines each area of the apartment you need to clean before you leave the premises.


Dirt, grease and grime tend to stick to common apartment appliances such as stoves, microwaves and refrigerators. Use a sponge and cleaning solution to remove stains and any residue build-up from these appliances. Wipe inside the oven and microwave, as spills often leave food particles behind.


If you’ve never cleaned the toilet in your apartment while living at your apartment, be sure to do it before moving out. Use a toilet brush to remove water stains from inside of the toilet. Wipe down the seat and back of the toilet with a disinfectant. Use a cleaning brush to remove any stains from the tub, shower walls and sink.

Floors and Carpet

Sweep bare floors with a broom, and empty dust and trash into the garbage. Sweep corners, under heating units and even behind appliances or any furniture that came with the apartment. After sweeping, mop the bare floors to get rid of excess dust and to give the floor a fresh shine and scent.


Wipe down the walls in your apartment with warm water, to get rid of any tape residue and dirt on the walls. If you have small children, inspect the walls for crayon and pen marks. Use a soft cloth to avoid causing damage to the walls.


The Ultimate Guide to Move Out Cleaning

You’ve put in your two weeks’ notice, scheduled your flights, and got your affairs in order. Now the only thing standing between you and your new home is, somewhat ironically, your stuff. Moving across large distances is a hassle enough without having to worry about your stuff. In fact, most long-distance moves cost families upwards to $5,000. What better way to subsidize that cost than using your previous location’s security deposit to make up some of the difference.

However, there’s a lot that can be lost in the chaos of moving—one of which being time to sufficiently clean everything. If you’re not too careful, your landlord might call in the professionals and force you to foot the bill by taking your security deposit from you.

Start Small

If you’ve got deadlines swirling around in your head and find the task of cleaning your home just a little daunting, then you need to try to look the job ahead in a different light. We recommend starting small. By handling the smaller tasks, like cleaning out attics and crawlspaces, you can make sure that those smaller jobs don’t pile up into a big mess by the end of your lease.

You can also make it a point to mark off of a room every night or every weekend. Take just an hour or so to completely finished off a room and prepare it for the big move, then cross it off of a physical checklist. Doing so will give you a greater sense of accomplishment and show you that what you’re doing is making a difference. While it’s not often talked about, the physiological aspect of move out cleaning is just as important as the physical.

Freshening Things Up

Next, you’ll want to make sure that any “dead air” stench is long gone by the time your landlord comes by to inspect the place. To make sure they’re not disappointed by what they see, try looking into a professional carpet cleaning service.


How clean does my rental need to be when I move out?

It’s time to move out of your rental. But you already have a lot on your plate, such as hauling belongings to your next home. As tempting as it may be, don’t leave the place trashed or even somewhat messy. After all, you want to get your deposit back. Here’s what you should clean to get your deposit back.

Make it look like it did at move-in

Your landlord expects your rental to look just as nice after you move out as it did before you moved in, within reason. The rental should look as pristine as possible, in the kind of condition you’d expect to see when picking out a new place. Go through every inch of the space and clean, clean, clean.

Naturally, there may be a little more wear on the carpet or flooring or other parts of the rental. Everything in the unit will be a little more “used” than it was when you moved in, which is acceptable as “normal wear and tear.” But if you spilled something on the carpet, and it left a stain, you’re responsible for removing that stain. Otherwise, you could get charged for it, as a deduction from your security deposit.

What to clean: the basics

Treat your empty rental as a hotel room or rental cottage that you care for.

Clean sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, floors, and appliances.

Clean any stains or marks on the walls.

Remove all your belongings—including trash—or you could be charged for its removal, since someone will have to spend time cleaning it up

Check your rental agreement

There’s a good chance your rental agreement details exactly what your landlord expects on move-out. Read the agreement, and look for the move-out checklist. A larger property management firm may have the information posted online, in printable form, like this detailed checklist. The landlord or management firm most likely expects to do a final walk-through to ensure the place is clean. So read up on the walk-through procedure, and decide if you want to arrange to be there too.




When you move out, it is essential that you completely vacate the property and turn in the keys in to our office, by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the day you have stated in your move out notice in order to avoid any scheduling problems or additional rent charges.


Remove all trash and personal items from the home and yard.

Clean all appliances thoroughly, including microwave, range hood, inside of refrigerator, etc.

Clean sinks, cabinets, and drawers.

Clean any carpeting. If professional cleaning is required, Specialized Property Management will make those arrangements after move-out and charge the cost against your security deposit, per the lease agreement.

Wash non-carpeted floors.  Remove stains and marks.

Wipe down walls; pay special attention to areas around light switches, hallways, doors, and baseboards.

Clean all windows, secure all screens, and remove cobwebs inside and out.

Make needed repairs to screens and screen doors.

Clean and disinfect the bathrooms thoroughly

Repair, or have repaired, any damages that you or your pets may have caused.

Schedule all utilities to be disconnected on the last day of your lease agreement.

If you are responsible for the lawn care:  Mow, trim, and remove debris from yard.

Make arrangements to have your trash picked up before you discontinue service.

Do not place trash and garbage in the recyclable cans, a fine will be incurred.


The typical definition of ordinary wear and tear is “Deterioration which occurs based upon the use in which the rental unit is intended; without negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse of the premises or contents by the tenant or occupants of the household, or their invitees or guests.”


A landlord can require a tenant to pay for damages if the tenant helped the aging process along or didn’t use the property in a normal way.  A carpet worn from people walking on it is something you have to expect.  But a tenant who cuts a hole in the carpet or spills paint on it may be held responsible for the damage.

The Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist

How well you perform a move out cleaning can be the difference between you getting your deposit money back. Therefore, here is the best move out cleaning checklist. This is a list of things that you can’t forget as you prepare your home for new inhabitants. We know that moving out is a difficult process, but you should leave everything clean. If you don’t know where to start, then this blog is for you.

If you are ready to clean your house or your apartment, then let’s start. We do not want you to waste your time; we know that this is a time-consuming process; therefore, we want to make everything easier for you

Things that a Move Out Cleaning Checklist Should Include

Moving is a complicated task; you must take advantage of the time you have to organize everything. You should not leave your home without leaving everything clean. Follow our move out cleaning checklist and leave everything as new.

Some people prefer to avoid this process and hire professional companies to clean their homes. If you are considering it, then we invite you to read our blog and learn the main benefits of hiring professional cleaning services.

You Must Clean your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the essential parts of your home; therefore, you should clean it first. There are many things you should consider before cleaning a bathroom, but in this checklist, we will mention the most important ones. We will try to explain how to clean your bathroom quickly and effectively.

Why You Should Not Ignore Upholstery Cleaning

Most Natural and Cheap Ways to Clean Furniture

Regardless of how clean a person keeps his or her home, it is inevitable that the furniture will eventually need cleaning. Whether it is spot cleaning due to a spill or a thorough all-over cleaning, it is important to use the right products. While a person might be inclined to buy commercial cleaning products to do the trick, these products contain chemicals that aren’t always environmentally or health friendly. Instead, one’s kitchen is often filled with natural products that can safely be used to create all natural cleaning product recipes that are suitable for furniture. In addition to being eco-friendly, a person will also save a significant amount of money by using natural products such as lemons, vinegar and baking soda. The key to DIY natural cleaners is knowing what natural product to use for the cleaning one’s couches and cushions versus other furniture such as wooden tables or accents.

Removing Stains from Upholstery

Upholstery can easily become stained; particularly in households with children and pets. DIY natural cleaners are useful in removing stains from sofas and their cushions and even mattresses. To remove stains caused by spilled juice, food stains like those caused by dripped ketchup or spilled coffee, club soda on a clean cloth may work sufficiently. For more problematic stains, like those caused by pets and/or urine, scrub the area with a mixture of water and vinegar. Vinegar may also be used to remove grease stains from suede furniture.

Wood Furniture Cleaning

Vinegar, lemon juice and linseed oil are an example of a natural recipe for wood cleaner. Additional recipes use either lemon or vinegar in combination with olive oil to create an effective cleaner for one’s wood furniture. This combination of natural ingredients should only be used on wood that has been sealed. When cleaning wood, use a soft, clean cloth to rub the natural cleaner recipe of one’s choice into the wood.

Household Recipes lists household recipes for natural cleaning products. The document includes a recipe for an upholstery stain remover and wood furniture polish.

Leather and Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

DIY natural cleaners are a good option for cleaning leather furniture such as a leather coach or chair. A mixture of lemon and olive oil makes for a simple cleaner for leather. A paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar is an effective way to remove spots from leather. The paste is gently wiped onto the area with the spot and wiped clean. A dry upholstery cleaner for fabric sofas may be made from a mixture of cornstarch and baking soda, both of which will also help remove undesirable odors from upholstery.


Understanding Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Codes

Do you have a stain on your sofa? A dirt spot on your chair? It can be tricky to figure out the best course of action for dirt and stains on upholstery. Luckily, most decorator fabrics and upholstery pieces are labeled with a cleaning code and, once you understand the codes, you can tackle most mild cleaning jobs yourself. We’re going to take a look at those cleaning codes as well as some best practices for great looking, long-lasting upholstery.

The first thing to do if you have a stain on your upholstery is to look for the fabric’s cleaning code. If the piece is store-bought, the code should be on the tag. If it’s been reupholstered, check with the fabric manufacturer

Once you’ve determined how to clean your fabric, it’s always a good idea to pre-test the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous spot on the fabric. This way you can make sure the cleaner works and doesn’t leave a spot or cause the colors to bleed. If you’re in doubt about how to proceed, it’s usually best to call a professional upholstery cleaner.

“W”—Code W stands for ‘Water based cleaner’ and these are the easiest fabrics to clean. This is not the same as being machine washable, however. This code means that you can spot clean your fabric with a water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. You can use a brush to agitate the cleaner or even an upholstery attachment on a carpet cleaner. Be careful to avoid over-wetting the stain.

“S”—Fabrics that are Code S must be cleaned with solvents (dry clean only). You can spot treat stains with a water-free solvent or dry-cleaning product. Use solvent cleaners in a well-ventilated room and keep away from open flames. Avoid using cleaning products containing carbon tetrachloride, as it is highly toxic.


How to Clean a Sofa

It is an inevitable fact of life–sofas get dirty. Chip crumbs find their ways into the cracks, drinks get spilled, and pets track mud all over the surface of these sturdy pieces of furniture. Luckily, cleaning a sofa is relatively easy–all you need is a bit of time and some great cleaning supplies

Vacuum up large particles. Before getting into the deep-cleaning, you want to remove any surface debris or particles from the surface of the sofa. Use a dust-buster or a hose attachment on a full-sized vacuum cleaner to clear the sofa

Use a bristle brush. If there are any spots that have heavy dust or dirt caked in, use a stiff-bristled brush to break up the spots and vacuum up the released dirt. Rub vigorously, but not hard enough to damage the fabric

Remove lint and fur. Although some companies make products specifically for households with pets, your average vacuum cleaner won’t be able to remove lint or pet hair. Use a lint roller to remove what the vacuum cleaner can’t.

Wipe down any exposed hard surfaces. Many sofas have exposed wood or other materials, and you want to make sure you give them attention too. Find a cleaning product appropriate for the surface you want to clean. An all-purpose surface cleaner will suffice if you don’t have a surface-specific product on hand


How to Give Your Natural-Fabric Couch a Deep Clean

After a long day, your cosy couch is the perfect place to unwind, which sometimes involves stinky feet or a late-night snack. You might not realize your couch is a bit dirty, but giving it a deep clean helps remove built-up stuff that you’d rather not think about — like sloughed-off skin cells and leftover bits of food. If you have a natural-fabric couch, here’s how to make your sofa look like new again.

Identify the Fabric

Couches come in lots of shapes and materials, with some even having removable and washable cushions. If you are lucky enough to have a cotton-blend or linen couch, you can easily clean it with natural ingredients. Before getting started, give your couch a good once-over to figure out what it’s made from.

Prep Your Couch

Get your couch ready for grooming by using a clean and dry white hand towel or wash cloth to brush the entire piece of furniture, breaking up any dried-on spots and removing any bits that have made homes of nooks and crannies. You can also use a stiff brush for this step. Avoid using any coloured towels or sponges, as the dye may alter the colour of your couch.

Deep Clean

Sprinkle the entire couch with a good heap of baking soda. Baking soda helps release lurking smells and break up stains in the fabric. If you’re feeling your sofa really needs a serious clean, mix together this dry natural carpet cleaner, and then use for covering the fabric. Allow the baking soda to sit on the couch for at least 20 minutes and up to an hour before vacuuming using a brush attachment

Stains, Begone

Now take a closer look at the couch to find any lingering stains. Mix together this easy cleaning solution, and do a small fabric spot test in an unseen location to check if there’s any discolouration. Dip the wash cloth in the cleaning solution, and gently dab and rub stains — or simply use for wiping down the entire couch. You’ll be amazed with the results!


Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks to Keep Your Sofa As New

Sofa, armchairs and other soft furnishing are a big investment for every homeowner and require certain maintenance if you want them to be hygienic and look good, even after years of use. Regular vacuuming and professional upholstery cleaning are a must to prevent the fabric from wear. But there are some other tricks that will help you prolong your furniture’s life and keep it looking as good as new for a very long time.

Bring Back Upholstery Colours with Scrubbing Brush

If you notice that your sofa’s colour has started to look faded, don’t reach out for furniture catalogue yet! Sometimes the reason the upholstery looks dull is dust, accumulated deep into the fabric’s fibres. Next time you are about to clean your sofa, take a few minutes and brush the fabric well. This will help loosen the fibres and when you run a vacuum, you will extract the deeply settled dust. After you are done the upholstery’s colour will look brighter and fresher

Fluff the Cushions to Save Their Shape

At some point, sofa cushions start looking deformed. We sit and lean on them day after day, so it is natural they start losing their shape. There are two things you can do to avoid this and protect the sofa from wear. Every now and then, take all the removable cushions of your sofa out and fluff them thoroughly. This will prevent the filling from flattening and the fabric from stretching. You can also flip the cushions if they are two-sided to avoid uneven wear and deformation

Get Rid of Pet Hair Using Tape

Even the most expensive home vacuum cleaners aren’t able to extract all of the pet hair from the upholstery. Especially, when you are dealing with short, thick kinds of fur. However, the only thing you need to pull out pet hair from the fabric is paper tape. Wrap the tape around your hand like a glove, with the adhesive side out. Tap the upholstery gently and you will be amazed how much hairs you will collect. You can use this trick to remove easily food crumbles and grit.

Lift Grease Stains with Salt

Grease stain is always bad news. If you let it sit, there’s a big chance it will become a permanent spot. The best thing to do, when dealing with a grease stain on your upholstery, is to lift the grease with salt. Cover the spill with a paper towel to extract the excessive oil. After that, sprinkle a generous amount of salt directly onto the stain. Let it sit like this for 30 minutes and vacuum. Salt will absorb most if not all of the grease. After this procedure treat the upholstery with appropriate stain removal product

Must Know The Difficulty To Window Cleaning

Why Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner is a Good Idea

Whether you are getting ready to sell your house or you simply want a clear view of the outdoors, having your windows professionally cleaned once or twice a year is an important part of maintaining the value and appearance of your home. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to hire a qualified professional to do the job.

You’re Safe

For those of you living in single-story homes this may not be much of a problem, but for those of you with homes two-stories tall or taller…or who may not be so safe up on a ladder…having a professional take over the task could be a wise choice. Let the pros do what the pros do and keep your feet on the ground.

The Windows are Cleaner

Face it. Most of us don’t know how to use a squeegee very well and there’s definitely a skill to wielding one. The pros not only know how to use a squeegee, but also know which cleaners to use on what type of windows without damaging them. After all, what’s the point of spending all the effort to do the job yourself only to realize the next day that you missed a spot—or several spots—on hard-to-reach window panes or that you’ve unknowingly ruined the glass?



The time your employees spend at their jobs should be focused on work-specific tasks. If they become responsible for janitorial clean-up, including washing the windows, you may be hurting your company’s bottom line. Also, washing windows is a bit more complicated than just getting out a bucket of soap and water. People who aren’t window washers may damage your company’s windows if they are cleaned incorrectly. To help keep everyone productive, save time on unrelated work tasks and ensure your windows achieve the highest standard of clean, outsource your janitorial needs to the professionals.


Different windows require special cleaning solutions or cleaning methods to see the best results. Tinted windows and stained glass, for example, both require special treatment. Using regular cleaning materials on these types of windows could damage them and leave you with an unattractive look and potentially a big repair bill. To ensure that each window is cleaned correctly, leave the work to the professionals.


Providing the right window cleaning supplies and tools

Professional window cleaners can ensure that the right products are used to clean glass without damaging it.

If you have leaded glass or stained glass, you may be unintentionally damaging it by using an ammonia-based window cleaner, Volkart says. With repeated use, ammonia-based cleaner can cloud leaded and stained glass windows, and the damage can’t be repaired, he cautions.

Professional window washers also have the right equipment, such as ladders and telescoping window-washing tools, to safely clean hard-to-reach windows, according to Giustino.

Finding the cause of spots on your windows

Puzzled about what’s causing the spots on your glass? Your mulch may be to blame

Cheap mulches often are infested with a fungus aptly named shotgun fungus. When mature, the fungus shoots out black spores that glue themselves to glass and vinyl siding and are very hard to remove completely.


What To Look For When Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

Many cleaning businesses have really incredible websites and a welcoming receptionist who is ready to greet you as soon as you enter, however, those qualities alone don’t automatically vouch for whether or not a company is dependably professional, or even responsible. When hiring professional window cleaning services, or any service for that matter, you always need to do your research. Asking the right questions and getting solid answers means you’ll make an informed decision when it comes to hiring one.

The Company Must Be Licensed, Bonded And Insured

It’s crucial to know whether or not the business you’re considering is both licensed and fully insured for both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. By offering these forms of insurance, you can know the company is considerate towards its employees’ interests as well as the homeowners they do interact with.

Inquire About Background Checks

When looking for a window cleaning service, ask each business whether or not they perform background checks on their employees. Welcoming anybody you don’t know personally around your home isn’t so simple for most of us, but with the safety of a clean background check on all employees, you can reduce your worries knowing your belongings and your family won’t be subjected to any harm.

They Must Offer Same-Day Service

The most important quality that you need to look for in a window cleaning company is their ability to offer you same day service so that you don’t have to wait for a week to get your windows dust-free.

They Must Be Well-Equipped

Subsequently, you need to see if the organization has all variety of cleaning equipment or not, which are used to clean up unappealing, dirty, windows. Window Screen Cleaners are supposed to have all essential window cleaning equipment/products ranging from telescopic brushes to microfiber applicators, and everything beyond.

They Should Have Well-Trained Cleaners:

Everybody would agree to the fact that the reputation of a specific company rests a lot on the work quality of the professionals that it has recruited. Therefore, before hiring a Window Cleaning company, make sure you evaluate if the professional cleaners working for them have been subjected to adequate training.

How Is The Organization’s Overall Customer Satisfaction?

Read reviews and testimonials over the web. Do customers look happy? Since testimonials delivered by the company every so often shows positive reviews for marketing reasons, don’t be afraid to do more research beyond the company’s website. You might even want to ask if the business could connect you with one or more of their previous clients. In this way, you’ll obtain a truthful and direct review without computer screens or biases getting in your way.


Why you should hire a professional window cleaning company

If you are looking to get your windows cleaned at a business premises and you want a reliable and safe service, it is important you hire a professional window cleaner.

By having them cleaned by someone who is not experienced or does not have the right qualifications or Insurance is a risk that you should not take.

As the building owner or person responsible for overseeing window cleaning at your property, you are responsible for hiring your window cleaner and ensuring the service is carried out safely and with minimal risk to your staff and customers.

There are other things you should look out for;

The Wrong Use of Tools

Before you hire a window cleaning company, consider the kind of tools they use. For your safety, consider hiring a ladder free company. Ladders are not safe for cleaning windows, especially at height and as a result of changes to Health and Safety Legislation and in particular The Work at Height Directive 2005 water fed pole window cleaning is now the preferred method.

The Wrong Weather Conditions

A professional window cleaner knows when they can carry out work. Not all weather conditions are suitable for window cleaning. Many people will contact a window cleaner when the sun shines through their windows and the dirt is visible. The cleaning product will  dry quickly, making it impossible to do a thorough rinse, leaving soapy streaks on the windows. Trusted Window Cleaners will avoid the midday sun for this reason.

Not Taking Health and Safety Measures

Health and Safety should be at the forefront of any service you receive. Window Cleaning can be very dangerous and window cleaners must not just adhere to legislation but be aware of the risks associated with window cleaning. Accidents can lead to serious injury or death. If you are hiring Commercial Window Cleaners don’t be afraid to ask them for copies of their accreditations, their Public Liability Insurance and their Health and Safety Policy.

The window cleaners should not only have public liability insurance but if you choose a larger company then ask for a copy of their Employers Liability too. Don’t be afraid to ask your window cleaner for a copy of his Public Liability Insurance and check it is adequate for the methodology and height of the work being carried out.

Vacation Rentals Cleaning Is Good For Your Clean Vacation

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Summer is here, which means it’s time for vacation! Where are you off to this year? A condo on the beach? Or maybe a secluded cabin in the woods? Regardless of where you go, if you’re staying at a vacation rental, you should be ready to do a little cleaning when you arrive.

True, housekeeping after a flight or long car drive is probably the last thing you want to do. However, it can help you get your home away from home set up. That way you can enjoy the space without worrying about who’s been there before you.

Check out the following vacation rental cleaning tips so that you know what to take care of as soon as you arrive.

Check the Trash

Your rental host or the previous guests may have forgotten to carry out their trash before they left. Take a minute to check all the trash cans in the house to see that they’ve been emptied. Next, locate the replacement bin liners so you can start off fresh.

Do Some Light Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen will be the room you want to focus most of your vacation rental cleaning attention on. After all, ocean swims, hikes and other summer adventures equal increased appetites meaning this room will see a lot of traffic. Our kitchen cleaning checklist can help you make sure your family or friends are eating off clean surfaces and utensils.

Kitchen cleaning checklist

1. Make sure the inside of the microwave is clean.

2. Clean the kitchen sponge by wetting it thoroughly and microwaving it for a minute or two. Keep an eye on the sponge in the microwave and let it cool before removing it – it will be hot!

3. Give the inside of the fridge and freezer a once over to make sure no food items have been left behind.

4. Wipe down all surfaces, including countertops, stovetops and sinks.

5. Check dishes, glasses and frequently used pots, pans or cutting boards to make sure the previous renters cleaned them well.

6. If you find any dirty dishes that you’ll use regularly, give them a good hand washing or place them in the dishwasher.

Head to the Bathroom

The bathroom should be in pretty good shape. That being said, it couldn’t hurt to wipe down countertops, especially if you’ll be spreading out toiletries and toothbrushes. In addition, you might also want to quickly wipe down the sink and shower knobs, as well as the toilet handle.

Take it Outside

If your rental has an outdoor area, it’s worth it to spend a few minutes tidying up. If you can easily locate an outdoor broom, start by giving the space a good sweeping, Then, give any outdoor furniture a quick wipe. Hopefully, the grill and any deck chairs or tables have been left reasonably clean and should be ready to go after a quick once over with a cloth or towel. However, if outdoor items need some extra attention, you can clean them using the following instructions

Vacation rental cleaning probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. However, taking thirty minutes to an hour to get your temporary digs in working order is well worth it when you can relax knowing the cups your family is drinking from have been personally cleaned by you.


5 Ways to Effectively Automate Your Vacation Rental Cleaning

Here are 5 easy ways to automate your short-term rental cleaning.

1. Hire a professional Airbnb cleaning company between guest bookings.

Travelers often hold vacation rentals to the same high standards of cleanliness as full-service hotels, even though rental hosts don’t have access to the same full-time housekeeping crews that hotels do. However, hosts can bring in a team of professional cleaners to scrub their rental properties from top to bottom between guest bookings, taking care of the entire turnover cleaning process.

It’s easier than ever to hire a professional vacation rental cleaning service to tidy up your property after one set of guests departs and before the next guests arrive. Your Airbnb cleaning crew should take care of a number of services, including:

• Making the beds.

• Cleaning and putting away the dishes.

• Sweeping and mopping floors.

• Vacuuming carpets and rugs.

• Cleaning toilets, bathtubs, and showers.

• Taking out the trash.

• Wiping countertops, door handles, and light switches.

• Checking for damages and reporting low inventory.

• These cleaning services will ensure your guests feel comfortable while renting out your space without requiring you to lift a finger.

2. Schedule periodic deep cleanings.

Although cleaning your vacation rental between guest check-outs will keep your property looking fresh and tidy most of the time, it’s important to schedule periodic deep cleanings of your unit, too. These are services that aren’t required all the time, but may be necessary several times per year. When hiring a short-term rental cleaning company, ask about their ability to handle more in-depth cleanings in addition to their basic cleaning services.

Ideally, the company you hire to clean your rental property between bookings will be the same company that handles your rental’s deep cleanings, since the crew will already be familiar with your property and any unique requirements you may have.

Deep cleaning services that you should think about automating include:

• Wiping baseboards.

• Cleaning inside the oven and fridge.

• Shampooing carpets.

• Cleaning inside any cabinets.

• Any specialized cleaning of your bathrooms or appliances.

3. Keep tabs on toiletries and supplies.

Keeping your vacation rental adequately stocked with toiletries and other supplies is an important part of ensuring guest satisfaction (and in turn, ensuring positive reviews and ratings). It’s easy to slip up and forget to replace supplies like paper towels and toilet paper, and you can bet your guests will certainly take notice!

It’s worth hiring an vacation rental cleaning company who will take the time to do a quick inspection of all your property’s supplies and notify you of any that need to be replenished before the next guest checks in. Automating this simple (yet crucial!) step allows you to be proactive about ensuring your guests’ satisfaction, all without requiring you to add another step to your to-do list.

4. Get notified of any damages.

Unfortunately, dealing with damages is something that many vacation rental hosts have to deal with from time to time. It’s never fun to have to inspect for and correct damages, but an even bigger problem is failing to notice them in the first place and 1) allowing the damage to spread or become worse, or 2) receiving negative reviews from future guests who were inconvenienced by the damage.

Some vacation rental cleaning crews may be able to look out for and notify you of any damages, helping you to achieve peace of mind by knowing that potential damages won’t go unnoticed. Better yet, some companies will even photograph damages for you, ensuring that you have adequate documentation for reimbursement.

5. Schedule cleanings and submit payments instantly online.

As a vacation rental host, you’ve got enough on your plate with managing guest bookings and ensuring positive guest interactions and experiences. Stopping by a brick-and-mortar business or picking up the phone every time you need to schedule a cleaning can eat up a lot of the time you could be spending on your guests.

Free up more of your valuable time by opting for an Airbnb cleaning company who allows you to schedule all of your upcoming turnover cleanings, send messages and share notes, re-schedule cleanings, and submit payments with just a few clicks in an online platform.

There are a number of ways for you to save time and avoid headaches when it comes to managing your vacation rental business. While so many of your tasks can be accomplished digitally, it’s still necessary to put forth a little physical effort to get your property cleaned for incoming tenants. By doing some research and finding the right service for your vacation rental turnover cleanings, you’re sure to quickly automate your entire between-guests system.



1.Make a checklist

Whether you are doing the cleaning or hired a cleaner to clean your vacation rental, making a checklist ahead of time is very beneficial. With your busy schedule, it is easy to forget to take care of some important tasks for cleaning. Making a set checklist for your cleanings will solve this issue. If you have hired a vacation rental cleaner then a checklist is very important so that the cleaner knows exactly what you would like done for your property. Here is a sample checklist for cleaning per room:


• Wash and put away dishes

• Wipe down and organize cabinets

• Wash floor

• Clean inside and outside of refrigerator and microwave oven

• Clean appliance interiors and exteriors: This includes coffee maker and toaster


• Dust tops of drawers and dressers: We recommend you do this step before you vacuum, this way you can vacuum any dust.

• Change sheets and pillowcases

• Vacuum floor: If there are any stains in the carpet, be sure to clean them immediately. Keep stain remover handy between guest visits to avoid long-term stains on your carpet!

• Vacuum drapes: Using an attachment to vacuum drapes keep them from getting dusty.

• Clean smudges from windows: This is important so that guests can enjoy the views that your property offers, opposed to seeing fingerprints!


• Scrub bathtub and faucet

• Wipe down mirrors: Using a microfiber cloth with a cleaning product is a great method for cleaning smudges off of mirrors.

• Scrub toilets

• Remove hard water stains: Vinegar is a great way to remove those pesky water stains. Simply put a small amount of vinegar on a wet wash cloth, and wrap it around the water stained area.

• Empty and wash trash can


• Dust tabletops

• Dust electronics

• Organize media cabinet

• Steam clean sofa/chairs: It is great to have your sofa steam cleaned semi regularly to ensure it is left clean as new!

• Dust mantels and shelves

2. Set time limit per room

Setting a time limit for cleaning each room of your house is a good way to ensure a fast cleaning process. You can base the time spent on each room based on what you have on your cleaning checklist for each room.

3. First, start high!

A smart place to start is with tall pieces of furniture. This way when you dust tall furniture, the dust does not dirty your previously cleaned floor.

4. Vacuum

When it comes to dusting tops of drawers and dressers: We recommend you do this step before you vacuum, this way you can vacuum any dust. Vacuuming does not take long but it is an important task to complete after each guest.

5. Carry your cleaning caddy

While you are cleaning each room, carry around your cleaning caddy! This is a simple way to save time having to stop cleaning to retrieve different cleaning products

6. Ice cubes to remove wrinkles

A quick fix for wrinkled sheets is ice cubes and some heat. By putting sheets in the microwave with ice cubes for about 5 minutes, you will have perfectly steamed linens.

What Do You Need to Know Before Hiring Vacation Rental Cleaning Services?


Many people don’t realize that vacation rental cleaning goes beyond regular house cleaning chores. Many tasks that vacation rental cleaning requires are not performed by residential cleaners. This is why you need to hire a service that specializes in vacation rental cleaning. Professionals will be prepared to complete tasks such as cleaning and changing linens, restocking toiletries, and notifying you of any damage or issues.

If you don’t live near enough to routinely check your property, it’s vital that you hire an expertly trained vacation rental cleaning service you can trust to keep you up-to-date on your property’s condition.


Many cleaning companies and contractors will say they’re the best, but you can’t simply take their word for it. You’re going to have to do a little research to find a truly excellent vacation rental cleaner. The best way to do this is to ask friends and acquaintances for referrals of cleaners they trust, especially if they have experience booking vacation rental cleaning.

If you can’t get a referral, search online for professional cleaning companies. A company is usually more reliable than an independent contractor. They are also more likely to have licensed, insured, and bonded employees, which is vital. When you’re interested in a company, ask for references so you can hear what their clients think of them before you commit to anything.


There are many questions you can ask prospective cleaners before picking one. Some will be about your specific needs, others are just common sense. Not sure what to ask? Here are some suggestions:

• How much experience do you have cleaning vacation rentals?

• Do you send the same person every time? What if they are unavailable?

• Are you available for quick turnarounds or last-minute emergencies?

• What add-on services do you offer?

• Who provides the cleaning supplies?

• How will you communicate with me about issues or low supplies?

• How do you measure quality?

• What happens if you damage my property?

• What kind of training do your employees receive?

• Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? How does it work?

• Remember, the whole point of hiring vacation rental cleaning services is to make managing your property easier. Asking the right questions will help you compare your options and identify the experienced, high-quality cleaners. You should feel confident in who you hire to take care of your property.

Look for a company that puts your needs first and has proven policies and procedures in place that make their services as easy for you as possible. Avoid companies who don’t have the experience with vacation rental cleaning or who can’t satisfactorily answer your questions.


A vacation rental cleaning goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a typical house cleaning. Your housekeeper needs to be ready to provide a higher level of service, and handle tasks like:

• Cleaning the linens that were used by previous guests
• Sanitizing surfaces after previous guests check out
• Checking that the next guest has sufficient quantities of toilet paper and cleaning products
• Keeping an eye out for damage
• Checking for missing items and taking pictures of any damage
• Testing various items in the house to be sure they work
In other words, your housekeeping service isn’t only cleaning. It’s also going to make your home guest-ready


The first decision you need to make about cleaning your vacation rental is whether you’re going to do the work yourself or hire a service to handle it for you.

Doing your own cleaning is an easy way to cut down on management costs and increase your income. But it only makes sense if you live locally and can afford to treat your vacation rental as a full-time job.

Even if doing it yourself seems like an attractive option, ask yourself an honest question: Can I commit to deep-cleaning the entire property more than once a week?

In high season, you might have “quick turns” where a guest checks out at 10 a.m. and the next guest checks in at 4 p.m. In that window, you’ll need to provide a thorough cleaning. If you can’t guarantee you’ll be ready and willing to do that, you need to hire someone who can.

Working with a cleaning service is a great alternative
If you don’t want to handle the cleaning yourself or you don’t live near your rental property, it’s helpful to have a trusted housekeeper who will visit your home on a regular basis to keep things in great shape for guests.

A cleaning service can also keep an eye on the state of things and let you know if anything is looking worse for wear. If a remote control is missing or an item has been damaged since the guests checked out, you’ll know immediately and can take swift action.

Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves and doing the cleaning yourself, or hiring a rockstar cleaning team, remember that the goal is to deliver consistently clean accommodations. When you meet guests’ expectations for a tidy vacation rental, you don’t just avoid complaints. You make a great first impression that can turn into amazing reviews that keep your property booked.