Critical Things You Need To Do Once Your Tenant Move Out Cleaning

Cleaning Checklist for Moving Out of an Apartment

While it’s hard to leave your apartment in the exact condition it was in when you moved in, it’s important to clean up before you move out and on to your next place. Often times, if the apartment is not clean, it can affect how much of your security deposit you get at the end of the lease. Ensure that you’ve properly cleaned your apartment by creating a checklist that outlines each area of the apartment you need to clean before you leave the premises.


Dirt, grease and grime tend to stick to common apartment appliances such as stoves, microwaves and refrigerators. Use a sponge and cleaning solution to remove stains and any residue build-up from these appliances. Wipe inside the oven and microwave, as spills often leave food particles behind.


If you’ve never cleaned the toilet in your apartment while living at your apartment, be sure to do it before moving out. Use a toilet brush to remove water stains from inside of the toilet. Wipe down the seat and back of the toilet with a disinfectant. Use a cleaning brush to remove any stains from the tub, shower walls and sink.

Floors and Carpet

Sweep bare floors with a broom, and empty dust and trash into the garbage. Sweep corners, under heating units and even behind appliances or any furniture that came with the apartment. After sweeping, mop the bare floors to get rid of excess dust and to give the floor a fresh shine and scent.


Wipe down the walls in your apartment with warm water, to get rid of any tape residue and dirt on the walls. If you have small children, inspect the walls for crayon and pen marks. Use a soft cloth to avoid causing damage to the walls.


The Ultimate Guide to Move Out Cleaning

You’ve put in your two weeks’ notice, scheduled your flights, and got your affairs in order. Now the only thing standing between you and your new home is, somewhat ironically, your stuff. Moving across large distances is a hassle enough without having to worry about your stuff. In fact, most long-distance moves cost families upwards to $5,000. What better way to subsidize that cost than using your previous location’s security deposit to make up some of the difference.

However, there’s a lot that can be lost in the chaos of moving—one of which being time to sufficiently clean everything. If you’re not too careful, your landlord might call in the professionals and force you to foot the bill by taking your security deposit from you.

Start Small

If you’ve got deadlines swirling around in your head and find the task of cleaning your home just a little daunting, then you need to try to look the job ahead in a different light. We recommend starting small. By handling the smaller tasks, like cleaning out attics and crawlspaces, you can make sure that those smaller jobs don’t pile up into a big mess by the end of your lease.

You can also make it a point to mark off of a room every night or every weekend. Take just an hour or so to completely finished off a room and prepare it for the big move, then cross it off of a physical checklist. Doing so will give you a greater sense of accomplishment and show you that what you’re doing is making a difference. While it’s not often talked about, the physiological aspect of move out cleaning is just as important as the physical.

Freshening Things Up

Next, you’ll want to make sure that any “dead air” stench is long gone by the time your landlord comes by to inspect the place. To make sure they’re not disappointed by what they see, try looking into a professional carpet cleaning service.


How clean does my rental need to be when I move out?

It’s time to move out of your rental. But you already have a lot on your plate, such as hauling belongings to your next home. As tempting as it may be, don’t leave the place trashed or even somewhat messy. After all, you want to get your deposit back. Here’s what you should clean to get your deposit back.

Make it look like it did at move-in

Your landlord expects your rental to look just as nice after you move out as it did before you moved in, within reason. The rental should look as pristine as possible, in the kind of condition you’d expect to see when picking out a new place. Go through every inch of the space and clean, clean, clean.

Naturally, there may be a little more wear on the carpet or flooring or other parts of the rental. Everything in the unit will be a little more “used” than it was when you moved in, which is acceptable as “normal wear and tear.” But if you spilled something on the carpet, and it left a stain, you’re responsible for removing that stain. Otherwise, you could get charged for it, as a deduction from your security deposit.

What to clean: the basics

Treat your empty rental as a hotel room or rental cottage that you care for.

Clean sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, floors, and appliances.

Clean any stains or marks on the walls.

Remove all your belongings—including trash—or you could be charged for its removal, since someone will have to spend time cleaning it up

Check your rental agreement

There’s a good chance your rental agreement details exactly what your landlord expects on move-out. Read the agreement, and look for the move-out checklist. A larger property management firm may have the information posted online, in printable form, like this detailed checklist. The landlord or management firm most likely expects to do a final walk-through to ensure the place is clean. So read up on the walk-through procedure, and decide if you want to arrange to be there too.




When you move out, it is essential that you completely vacate the property and turn in the keys in to our office, by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the day you have stated in your move out notice in order to avoid any scheduling problems or additional rent charges.


Remove all trash and personal items from the home and yard.

Clean all appliances thoroughly, including microwave, range hood, inside of refrigerator, etc.

Clean sinks, cabinets, and drawers.

Clean any carpeting. If professional cleaning is required, Specialized Property Management will make those arrangements after move-out and charge the cost against your security deposit, per the lease agreement.

Wash non-carpeted floors.  Remove stains and marks.

Wipe down walls; pay special attention to areas around light switches, hallways, doors, and baseboards.

Clean all windows, secure all screens, and remove cobwebs inside and out.

Make needed repairs to screens and screen doors.

Clean and disinfect the bathrooms thoroughly

Repair, or have repaired, any damages that you or your pets may have caused.

Schedule all utilities to be disconnected on the last day of your lease agreement.

If you are responsible for the lawn care:  Mow, trim, and remove debris from yard.

Make arrangements to have your trash picked up before you discontinue service.

Do not place trash and garbage in the recyclable cans, a fine will be incurred.


The typical definition of ordinary wear and tear is “Deterioration which occurs based upon the use in which the rental unit is intended; without negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse of the premises or contents by the tenant or occupants of the household, or their invitees or guests.”


A landlord can require a tenant to pay for damages if the tenant helped the aging process along or didn’t use the property in a normal way.  A carpet worn from people walking on it is something you have to expect.  But a tenant who cuts a hole in the carpet or spills paint on it may be held responsible for the damage.

The Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist

How well you perform a move out cleaning can be the difference between you getting your deposit money back. Therefore, here is the best move out cleaning checklist. This is a list of things that you can’t forget as you prepare your home for new inhabitants. We know that moving out is a difficult process, but you should leave everything clean. If you don’t know where to start, then this blog is for you.

If you are ready to clean your house or your apartment, then let’s start. We do not want you to waste your time; we know that this is a time-consuming process; therefore, we want to make everything easier for you

Things that a Move Out Cleaning Checklist Should Include

Moving is a complicated task; you must take advantage of the time you have to organize everything. You should not leave your home without leaving everything clean. Follow our move out cleaning checklist and leave everything as new.

Some people prefer to avoid this process and hire professional companies to clean their homes. If you are considering it, then we invite you to read our blog and learn the main benefits of hiring professional cleaning services.

You Must Clean your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the essential parts of your home; therefore, you should clean it first. There are many things you should consider before cleaning a bathroom, but in this checklist, we will mention the most important ones. We will try to explain how to clean your bathroom quickly and effectively.