Moving Tips You Can’t Do Without

Finding a professional moving company has become easier with the wealth of information and resources available online. From company reviews to license verification for movers and statements of insurance a moving company must provide a number of verifiable checks that a person seeking moving services can use to protect themselves. Before you move consider that you are purchasing a service and the cheapest moving company may not be the best choice after all. Do a little research and understand what you are purchasing before you hire a long distance movers.

Be thorough and investigate a company. Ask them for references and see what they can produce. If they have no happy clients that are willing to speak to you then be cautious. Happy customers are not that difficult to find for a good moving company but excuses for not having one are pretty easy to make up and unscrupulous movers have been known to say just about anything.

Ask for an in house estimate so the mover can actually come to your home and inspect your items for a proper move cost quote. When dealing with a moving company you must verify their license and insurance information before you make a deposit and be sure you are dealing with the actual movers and not a moving broker. A broker will take your deposit and then find a moving company for you. They have no trucks and they will not be picking up your things on time. The break down in communication between brokers, drivers and homeowners will cause nothing but problems.

Before you start packing it’s a good idea to create a spreadsheet and assign numbers to each box. Stick a label with the corresponding number on each box this will help you keep track of your items and make it a lot easier when you unload. If you have decided to pack your own boxes make sure you choose good quality moving supplies don’t go for the cheap options. While you may initially save money in the long run you may end up paying for it. It’s common for items to get damaged in boxes that are not well supported and give way under pressure. A lot of people decide to pack their own personal items and leave the heavy stuff for the movers. If this is the case it’s recommended to separate the items out beforehand or pack them before the actual moving day, this will prevent items getting mixed up. Disconnect any items like washing machines and fridges well in advance. You will have to defrost the fridge in advance otherwise you may risk damaging items in the van with water damage. Notify the moving company in advance of any heavy items like pianos and large sofas as they may have to send more men to help with the move.

On the day of the move make sure you don’t disconnect your phone without advising the moving company of alternate number to be contacted on. It’s vital that the moving company can reach you. To assist the moving men make sure the access to your house or apartment is clear of obstructions. When all the goods are loaded on the truck go back inside and check everything room to make sure nothing has been missed. Upon delivery direct the moving men to drop off your boxes in the correct room; this job would have been made easier since you have the spreadsheet listing where everything goes. Document any damaged items on the delivery receipt and make sure you and the driver sign the documents, otherwise claims for losses or damages may be voided. If there are any damaged items you must also contact the moving office as well. You can read more useful moving tips from the people of theĀ USA, who express movingĀ advice for people moving. Moving can be very frustrating process but if you take the time to plan well in advance you can reduce the stress for all parties involved.

Regardless of the method used, plan ahead and your move will be much easier. These moving tips will help prepare you for a much smoother move, whether you are using moving pods, filling up a rental truck, or waiting for the moving guys to show up.