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Maintaining A Commercial Paint Job

A Complete Guide to Maintaining Your Commercial Painting

In business, first impressions are key. Nothing makes a bigger first impression on your customers than your building. When your office or store is clean and well-maintained, you appear more professional and trustworthy to new clients. But when your building looks run-down, the paint is chipping, and the walls are covered in dirt, you may scare away new business. Avoid this entirely by maintaining your building’s commercial paint job. Use the guide below to clean your building and keep the paint looking like new for a long time to come.

Start with a Clean Slate

For any project or maintenance plan, you must begin with a clean slate. Otherwise, your maintenance schedule will get off track quickly. Begin by power washing the building. Pressure washing eliminates stuck-on dirt, dust, pollen, grime, and other pollutants. Keeping your building clean can help to make your current paint job last longer, so be sure to pressure wash the property on a regular basis, too. Cleaning the exterior of your business is a significant part of your maintenance plan. It will make your company appear cleaner, more professional, and all-around more appealing to your clients.

Keep an Eye on Problem Areas

Does one part of your building seem to need cleaning or repairs more often than the other regions? If you know about any of your property’s problem areas, keep an extra close eye on them. Be sure to check for mold, mildew, and rust, too. All of these naturally-occurring elements can damage your paint job and, eventually, the structure of the building. Keep up with your maintenance plan so you can protect your paint and easily identify problem areas before they become dangerous and cause serious damage. If a problem persists for a long time, even with your regular maintenance, you may need to call in a professional for assistance.

Perform Interior Maintenance

What goes on inside your business also has an effect on its exterior paint. Faulty machinery, specifically leaking air conditioners, is one of the leading causes of exterior paint damage. Make sure all of the machinery in your office is working properly and is not harming the building. You may also need to repair and repaint the walls if the destruction is severe.


Tips for Maintaining Exterior and Interior Commercial Paint Jobs

Clean Surfaces

For starters, ensure that your exterior paint areas are regularly cleaned and freed of various dirt and grime buildups. The best way to do this is with scheduled pressure washing services, which are strong enough to get rid of virtually and buildup but will leave your paint intact and extend its lifespan. And of course, this kind of grime can leave your building looking unsightly if it isn’t cleaned regularly.

Regular Inspections and Problem Areas

On a regular basis, at least once a month or more, check the exterior of your building for any visible issues. You never know how various weather conditions and pollution may have impacted your paint job. Look for fading, stripping, and any other gaps or touch-ups that are needed.

Sealing Concerns

When it comes to sealing exterior areas, we’re really talking about caulk, which looks good and is a great way to fill your gaps. It’s also the best product out there for sealing water and air from getting into the building. Cracks or drying of caulk, however, can not only lead to paint issues, but also to possible water damage and rising utility costs. Check for good seals in major areas regularly.

Indoor Issues

You may not have realized it, but faulty interior machinery can leak and impact exterior paint jobs. The most common source of this issue is a commercial air conditioner, which can leak condensation that will seep through the walls and damage paint job.


Clean your Interior or Exterior by Pressure Washing or Air Blasting

Many professional painters offer a kind of cleaning service for your painted and stained surfaces, known as pressure washing, power washing, and most recently soft washing. While it’s not practical to pressure wash the interior of your office building (too many computers, papers, and wood surfaces), we can power wash the interior of your factory or warehouse. We can also power wash the exterior of almost any building, floor surface that is not carpet, and stained spaces, such as decking.

If, for some reason, power washing is unsuitable for a location, we’ll air blast surfaces at high pressure to remove dust and dirt from the interior or exterior of a building. Our OSHA trained crews are safety-focused air blasters. We provide our clients with top-rated cleaning services and are ready to take on even the most challenging of air blasting dust and dirt removal projects. Then, when the surfaces are safely air blasted or otherwise clean, the Painters Inc. crew can paint most any surface you’d like.


Use Gentle Chemicals, if Any

Owners that are scrubbing their buildings should only use gentle or organic chemicals, if any. While not using chemical at all is ideal, sometimes water simply will not do the trick. Owners should opt for organic chemicals or mild laundry detergent that will not wear away at the paint, and should make sure that the chemicals are thoroughly rinsed off. If chemicals are left to sit on top of paint, regardless of how mild they are, they will still cause the paint to peel sooner.


Benefits of Repainting Your Commercial Building

Whether you’re trying to attract new business or impress your customers, your place should be attractive both inside and outside so you don’t lose business due to a dilapidated look. Here are some more benefits of repainting your commercial building:

  • Increased Appeal and Property Value

A good paint job on your commercial building can create a positive and good impression to encourage customers and clients to keep coming back. When it’s done by a professional in the right way, it can boost the appearance of your commercial building.

  • Invites Customers and New Clients

The appearance of your workplace physically reflects how you do business. It should encourage and attract your customers to keep coming back. Incorporating different types of colors in your repainting project can help bring new customers and clients or make them feel comfortable while they are still in your premises.

  • Improves Self-esteem Among Employees

Not only do your customers and clients want to be comfortable and happy in your commercial building, but also your employees. They’re the ones who spend a lot of time there, so it’s a good idea to boost their morale by giving your interiors a new look. It will not only help them focus on their work but also create the perfect environment for enhanced creativity and productivity. Psychologically, blue hues promote good moods and peacefulness, while green hues spark creativity. Avoid bold red hues, as they are said to reduce cognitive thinking capabilities in the workplace.

  • Increases Your Property’s Lifespan

There’s no doubt that a well-maintained building can last for many years, and paintwork is one of the core areas to focus on if you want to increase your property’s lifespan. By repainting your building annually, you’re protecting it from weather elements like rain, snow and others that could potentially have a negative impact on your building’s exteriors.

  • It Matters for the Health and Safety of your workers

Painting your building in different areas will allow you to comply with industry regulations that will ensure the safety and health of your workers. Using line striping and ensuring that ongoing repainting work is communicated to both workers and clients will help reduce accidents and ensure safety for everyone.

Repainting your commercial building is a great way to enjoy benefits like improved visual appeal, property value, property lifespan and even a better working environment for your workers. It also ensures that you get more happy clients and customers returning.